LOS ANGELES-One of the nation’s largest “think tanks” is launching a study aimed at finding ways to keep this city’s skyscrapers and other landmarks safe from future terrorist attacks.

The project will be conducted by The Rand Corp., a Santa Monica-based research group. The nonprofit organization says the $70,000-study will be funded by a variety of public and private donors, including a grant from at least one unnamed property owner.

The press conference to announce the study was made at Staples Center, the two-year-old Downtown complex that has already scheduled more than 300 sports and other entertainment events for next year. Staples Center officials say they have spent more than $1.5 million to improve security at their complex, including the installation of 200 concrete barriers and 100 more camera-surveillance systems.

Though Rand Corp. officials won’t disclose the names of all contributors to the study, LA City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo was acknowledged for helping to raise funds for the report. Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks and Sheriff Lee Baca also participated in the press conference.

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