LAS VEGAS—By many measures, CCIM was a frontrunner in the development of demographic and analytical data. That pioneering status just got kicked up a notch here, at RECon, ICSC’s annual retail gathering, as CCIM unveiled a formal partnership with data provider Xceligent, powered in large part by that firm’s newly minted platform.

“We’re anticipating a more robust data platform,” CCIM interim CEO BK Allen, CCIM, told That platform will now integrate the all-important property data with its traditional membership offerings with the goal of creating a complete analytical toolkit.

As a result of the agreement, Xceligent, a Thought Leader, will manage and integrate CCIM Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of the association.  Allen explained that the next few weeks and months will be focused on testing and a phased rollout of the new platform.

“CCIM offered membership a toolkit for geo-spatial analytics around demographic profiles,” said Doug Curry, CEO of Xceligent, commenting that the platform was indeed market-leading. “But the piece that was missing was the real estate itself. By adding that piece through, we are providing CCIMs with an even more powerful tool for real location-based analysis.”