Caroline Gibson Caroline Gibson is now the director of US and international investor relations.

LOS ANGELES—Caroline Gibson has joined the Resmark Cos. as director of US and international investor relations. In this position, she will lead an initiative to build a network of global investors, both domestic and international, to grow the firm’s current investor pool. Gibson joins the firm from London-based Alderbrooke, where she lead the real estate practice, and is now located in Resmark’s Los Angeles office.

“One of the things that really attracted me to the firm is how long everyone has been working here,” Gibson tells about why the firm was a good fit. “The average tenure is eight years, which spoke very loudly about the firm. I thought that was a great example of how the business must be run at a corporate level, that people stay for that long. I was really impressed by the caliber of people, the intelligence and the work ethic, but also the way that they presented themselves. These are good smart people with high integrity. I was very impressed with the firm’s background and with their returns as well. I thought this was a very opportune time to take the platform that Resmark has and expand our institutional client base.”

Gibson is seasoned in this space, which made her a great fit for the firm. For a decade, she has advised investors from the US, Europe and the Middle East, as well as international banks, sovereign wealth funds, private equity firms and developers. In addition to creating a network of global investors, Gibson will also be involved in bolstering the firm’s platform, which will include working with academic institutions and industry associations.

Resmark has three investment strategies: impact ventures, land and housing and apartment living. The firm has been in business for 20 years, and works with CalPERS and CalSTRS, the nation’s two largest pension funds. The effort to grow its investor base won’t affect these strategies. “The company focus is to continue the excellent work that we have had in our three strategies, and to expand relationships with domestic institutional investors that want to invest in those strategies in our target markets,” says Gibson.

The firm is still finalizing its goals and strategy for augmenting its investor network, but Gibson says that this is an opportune time in the market for the firm. “If you look at the global markets today, you obviously have a great disconnect with what is happening across various economies,” she says. “Brexit is the latest thing that has just happened, but also what has happened in China and so on. This means that there are global investors looking for safe havens. One can argue that the US is very much a safe haven, if you look at the currency, the economy and the real estate market.”