January 2021
GlobeSt.com Marketing Blog:
Digital Engagement Dramatically Rises During the Pandemic

As the majority of commercial real estate professionals transitioned to working at home during the pandemic, their use and engagement with the GlobeSt.com site and email newsletters have substantially increased.

Over the course of the last year, GlobeSt.com has seen:

  • 37% increase in average monthly visits
  • 48% mobile visitors, up from 35% last year
  • 2.75 increase in newsletter open rates
Peggy Schecter,
Real Estate Market Leader

The reason for increased engagement is as follows: Our audiences are even more interested in CRE industry news and analysis in these challenging times. In addition, the huge variety of ways to consume information makes it easier to integrate digital media use into their busy day.

Curious about data detailing how CRE professionals engage with digital media? You can find more information in the 2021 GlobeSt Media Kit.

How have your media consumption habits changed in the last year? Drop me a line with your thoughts at [email protected].

Natalie Dolce,
Senior Executive Editor, GlobeSt.

Trends Real Estate Industry Marketers Need to Know

  • What will the Biden Administration do for CRE? This, not surprisingly, is of chief importance to the CRE community. Many of the questions will remain unanswered until the Georgia runoffs for the two Senate seats but there is widespread speculation based on the assumption that the Senate will remain in Republican hands. We have touched on this subject in our report Biden Likely to Continue Eviction Moratorium
  • What will the post-pandemic landscape look like? Productivity, innovation, culture, retention and walkability will be critical factors regarding offices going forward. Our article, The Dynamics Determining the Post COVID Office, takes a look at some of these trends.
  • The next round of government stimulus. The wait for another round of stimulus had been maddening, especially with the CARES Act sunsetting at the end of the year. At the midnight hour Congress delivered a $900 billion stimulus bill that includes some benefits for commercial real estate. Our first story on the bill came out the day Congress passed it. Called What the Stimulus Bill Offers CRE, it gives readers a sense of what is inside the 5,000+ page measure.
  • When will employees return to the office? The number of employees actually working in an office right now is quite low and in fact, has been dropping since a peak in the summer. This is a source of angst for office landlords, who have invested considerably in making buildings safe for workers. With a vaccine unlikely to be widely distributed until mid-year, this issue will remain a key concern for several months. One possible scenario was outlined in our piece, Workers Signal They Want a Hybrid Approach to the Office.
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