CHICAGO—One of the big takeaways from yesterday’s Marcus & Millichap Multifamily Forum was that most participants feel that the Chicago region will soon experience “a correction,” or a drop-off in the market. However, at the same time, most feel the region, both city and suburbs, have strengths that will pull it through whatever comes. Although the city has received some bad press for losing population, the downtown has thrived, drawing in tens of thousands of new residents in the past few decades, along with many new firms. That has given it a density which will continue to attract others, even if it’s not at the same pace. And the suburbs of Chicago have their own advantages. One panelist pointed out that many towns started out more than one hundred years ago as “whistle-stops” for railroads radiating out from the city. And that means each has excellent spots for transit-oriented developments, just the kind of communities that will be popular for years to come.