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Is Tijuana Safe Again?

SAN DIEGO—Even with all the positive news coming out of the city about development, food and art, this nagging question remains—and the answer is not clear cut, Fident’s Silva Kanerva tells in part 2 of this EXCLUSIVE two-part story.

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What Most People Don’t Know About Tijuana

SAN DIEGO—Just over the border, while no one’s been looking, TJ has been going through a rebirth of sorts, Fident’s Silva Kanerva tells in this EXCLUSIVE look at the reinvented Mexican city and how it is impacting San Diego.


Meet the Modern Broker

NEW YORK CITY--There are the haves and the have-nots, as Hightower’s Brandon Weber states. And if the separation seems vast now, just wait a year.


TH Real Estate Restructures US Business

LONDON—The overall restructuring stemmed from investors’ desire for direct investment opportunities, flexibility, and good performance, says a source.

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Q&A with Walters Homes: Lessons Learned Four Years After Hurricane Sandy

BARNEGAT, NJ—The Jersey Shore landscape has been forever altered by Hurricane Sandy. Walters Homes rebuilding experts, Matthew Gaudet-Walters and Austin Bocchicchio discuss some of these changes and the lessons that residents and builders have learned.

Rebecca Robertson, President of Park Avenue Armory, Joining Mack-Cali Board

JERSEY CITY, NJ—Robertson previously led the redevelopment of both the Lincoln Center and the urban renewal project of the New 42nd Street.

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Kelly: “Our Nation Depends on Cybersecurity”

NEW YORK CITY—Noting that an attack can “cripple an organization,” former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly Tuesday morning offered up advice on staying vigilant at the second annual ALM cyberSecure conference here.

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2016’s Women of Influence

Groundbreaking, glass-ceiling shattering or simply long overdue, women in commercial real estate are powerhouses, influencing the industry every day.

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