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US Goods Distribution Industry Undergoing Disruption

CHICAGO—Rising inventories and an overcapacity at sea are just a few of the problems that have recently developed.

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Fidelity Launches Global RE Fund

BOSTON—Available exclusively to financial advisors and other intermediaries, the new fund launches on the eve of the real estate carve-out from the financial sector within the GICS taxonomy.

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Destination: US for Foreign Real Estate Buyers

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—“Black swan” geopolitical events could be the only potential fly in the ointment for foreign investors in US real estate, which shows no sign of slowing anytime soon, USAA Real Estate Company’s Jim Hime tells in this preview of Commercial Real Estate Conference 2016.

GE Capital to Sell French Prime Mortgage Business

FAIRFIELD, CT—Along with the pending sale of GE Money Bank France to Cerberus Capital Management, the prime mortgage transaction “would represent GE Capital’s exit from French consumer finance,” says Keith Sherin, CEO of GE Capital.

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Home Sales Strong But Follow National Softening Trend

BOSTON—The Greater Boston Association of Realtors and the Massachusetts Association of Realtors issued sales reports for the month of July that pointed to lower home sales volume and for-sale inventory, while modest increases in the median price for a home, both in Greater Boston and statewide.

Colliers Made Kristina Leighty An Offer She Couldn't Refuse

WASHINGTON, DC--Colliers International is expanding its project management service line by building a dedicated team for the brokerage community, which is where Leighty comes in.

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Understanding the Four Pillars of Workplace Vitality

IRVINE, CA—Engagement, collaboration, well-being and productivity are necessary in the workplace in order to attract and retain talent, Dr. Tracy Brower tells in this recap of a recent CoreNet SoCal event.

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CRE's Best Bosses

True leaders manifest themselves not only through performance but also—and arguably more importantly—by the way their employees feel about them. Meet this year’s best bosses in the business.

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    September 07, 2016 Orlando , FL Tackling the topics most relevant to Central Florida including timely trends, sector activity and areas of new development. Learn More
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    October 05, 2016 New York , New York An in-depth look at everything affecting New York's commercial real estate industry. Learn More

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