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Are We About to See More Office Construction?

MIAMI—“One of the more enduring trends during this economic cycle has been the lack of new quality construction in some markets.”

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Developers Split on Trump Presidency Impact on Real Estate

Billionaire developers debate what a Donald Trump presidency means for the South Florida real estate economy.


This Florida Banker Has Strong Views on President Trump Impact

MIAMI—Will real-estate-mogul-turned-President-Elect Trump influence this trend moving into 2017 and onward?


With Trump’s Election, Will the Commercial Real Estate Sky Fall in Miami?

MIAMI—Following the election of Donald Trump as president, uncertainty remains about what impact his administration will have our on our economy and foreign investment.

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‘The Whole Continuum is Changing’

TUCSON, AZ—Technology and the economy underpin the evolution in the continuum of care, says Rendina’s Neil Carolan, who will lead a discussion at RealShare Healthcare.

Lease to Storied Credit Tenant Seals The Deal

MORGAN HILL, CA—The flex property was developed in 2002 as a build-to-suit for Paramit Corp. and is 100% occupied by that firm for its headquarters/research and development operations.

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As E-Commerce Grows, So Do Its Challenges

DALLAS—In today’s ever-changing technological world, transactions executed on a laptop, tablet or smartphone has become commonplace. Taking it…

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The Platinum Standard

Whether it's something old or something new, the October issue of Forum looks at the technologies, institutions and up-and-comers that are bringing a fresh perspective to commercial real estate.

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    February 02, 2017 New York , New York Connect with leading innovators for insights on leveraging technology geared to improve your business Learn More
  • RealShare Philadelphia

    February 07, 2017 Philadelphia , Pennsylvania Connect with over 400 CRE professionals and get an in-depth look at everything affecting Greater Philadelphia Learn More

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