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How UM is Impacting Miami’s CRE Scene

MIAMI—The University of Miami annually holds the largest commercial real estate conference in the region. UM gathers together some of the best and…

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How is Technology Changing Our Cities?

MIAMI—How is technology changing our cities? What’s next for the evolving retail landscape? How long will South Florida’s real estate investment…

Coworking Trend Dependent on This

MIAMI—Coworking office space is taking the officing industry by storm. The momentum keeps building as companies like Regus and Servcorp raise their…


CREC Veteran Launches His Own Firm

MIAMI—After 20 years CREC, David Moret is venturing out to start his own commercial real estate investment company. The former CREC principal is…

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Buchanan Looks to Secondary Markets for Yield

LOS ANGELES—The investor buys the Gateway Corporate Center in Diamond Bar, saying the market and surrounding markets, like Pomona and West Covina, are “historically very stable.”

Capri Promotes Nolan to Investment Head

CHICAGO—The Chicago-based firm has recently promoted several long-time insiders and provided leadership opportunities for women and people of color.


How Multifamily Underwriting Is Changing

ATLANTA—The Federal Reserve’s latest Beige Book release highlighted some concerns about the rate of increase in multifamily rents as an item to…

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The Wheels Keep on Turning

Facing continued slow and steady growth in US GDP, heightened global uncertainty and lower yield expectations, institutions don’t anticipate tapping the brakes on investment any time soon.

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    March 29, 2016Houston, TXNetworking and lively discussions with corporate executives and economists for a deep dive into the Houston CRE market.Register Now

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