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Big-Picture Themes for L.A. and Orange County

ORANGE COUNTY, CA—The region is perhaps the greatest innovator and influencer of taste in the world, from design and architecture to music and technology, C&W’s newly promoted executive Andrew McDonald tells EXCLUSIVELY.

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How Home Price Gains Will Play Out

IRVINE, CA—Markets with lower affordability are less likely to see big increases in both sales volume and prices, but strong markets with a lot of affordability headroom should see solid gains, RealtyTrac’s Daren Blomquist tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Irvine Co. Poised to Launch Kinetic

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—Developer describes the concept as a new approach to workplace healthcare, fitness and wellness.


Residential Vacancies Declining Slowly

IRVINE, CA—RealtyTrac report indicates that 1.6% of units nationwide are vacant, and that is down from 1.8% in September 2015.

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Multifamily Property Hits on All Cylinders for JV Buyers

HAYWARD, CA—Improved market conditions, coupled with limited land availability for future construction, make this a good opportunity for investors in this high barrier-to-entry market.

Treetop Nabs Funds for MF Portfolio Buy

NEW YORK CITY—The developer is picking up properties in two burgeoning areas of Queens.

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Good Fundamentals, Not Cheap Debt, Mostly Responsible for Philadelphia's Rise, Says RealShare Capital Markets Panel

PHILADELPHIA—Good real estate fundamentals are what’s driving the commercial real estate market in Philadelphia, according to most of the industry leaders on the Capital Markets panel at Tuesday’s RealShare Philadelphia conference, produced by’s parent ALM Real Estate Media, at the Union League Club in Center City.

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The Wheels Keep on Turning

Facing continued slow and steady growth in US GDP, heightened global uncertainty and lower yield expectations, institutions don’t anticipate tapping the brakes on investment any time soon.

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