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Allen Matkins Welcomes 600 Guests in OC

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—The 40-year-old law firm’s Orange County holiday reception was attended by just about everybody who is anybody in the Orange County commercial real estate game Tuesday evening at the Pacific Club here.

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Young Pros Plus Affordable Equals A Good Match

IRVINE, CA—It’s just good business sense overall to hire smart, young professionals as much as possible, plus this cohort can see the direct impact this work will have in communities and on individual lives, CPP’s Anand Kannan tells


How Home Values Compare in Red vs. Blue States

IRVINE, CA—Political and geographic constraints tend to limit home supply in many areas in blue states, whereas major metro areas in red states do not have these supply constraints, ATTOM Data’s Daren Blomquist tells

New Dynamics in Affordable Inventory

IRVINE, CA—Builders finding it necessary to build more-expensive housing to generate a profit and owners of existing entry-level homes being less willing to sell are two new factors contributing to the lack of affordable housing, First American’s Mark Fleming tells

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UWS Seniors Building Trades to Investor Group

NEW YORK CITY—Comprised of Northwind Group, Harrison Street Real Estate Capital and the Engel Burman Group, the buyer group plans extensive upgrades to 305 West End Ave.

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Chinese Investors Become More Aggressive on Healthcare Assets

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—According to sources at RealShare Healthcare Real Estate, in the medical office sector, competition has increased for higher quality assets and there has been more of a portfolio premium.

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Healthcare’s Change of Venue, Shifting Facility Needs

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—Sources at RealShare Healthcare Real Estate on Thursday discussed the response of healthcare systems and the changes in the continuum of care and agree that creative solutions are key to the future.

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