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Supply-Demand Mismatch Brewing for Creative Office Tenants in DC

WASHINGTON, DC--The growing number of TAMI companies here is increasing demand for creative office space yet developers are still building for traditional tenants.

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Cresa Doubles Down on Northern Virginia with New Office

TYSONS, VA--Cresa already derives 30% of its local revenue from Northern Virginia and it expects that percentage to grow with its new office.

Goodwill’s Counterintuitive Plan to Open 50 Retail Locations in Affluent DC

WASHINGTON, DC--In a 2010 study Goodwill realized stores located closer to affluent donors significantly increase the quality of donated goods and thus retail sales.


Fannie Mae Prices First Green Agency CMBS Deal

WASHINGTON, DC--To be precise, there are two green tranches totaling $600 million within the $1-billion DUS REMIC.

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What Will Happen to Fannie and Freddie?

LOS ANGELES—Changes could be coming to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but agency expert Mitch Clarfield of Berkeley Point Capital is optimistic about the future.


UWS School Building Secures Refinancing

NEW YORK CITY—An investment group headed by Walter & Samuels chairman David Berley has secured $60 million in refinancing for a school building it…

Marketplace Lending, the Crowdfunding Alternative?

LOS ANGELES—Money360 explains how marketplace lending has become a reliable alternative to crowdfunding.

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2016's Fastest Growing Companies

2016 was a year of opportunity for several companies. We take a look at some of the biggest winners and growers outpacing their competitors and being true successes in the industry.

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