CORFAC International members Tony Banks, Christina Snyder and Richard Blue.

LAS VEGAS—“There’s a healthy level of fear that should come with any investment,” says Tony Banks of Wolf Commercial Real Estate/CORFAC International, Philadelphia in this exclusive RECon video interview. That said, success lies in the demographics and economics of the locale, adds Richie Blue (Blue & Obrecht Realty/CORFAC International, Baltimore). But wise investors should allow for a vacancy factor greater than what actually exists in target properties, adds Christina Snyder (TRI Commercial/CORFAC International, San Francisco).

With that in mind, how can landlords hedge their bets? What should they be doing to attract tenants in today’s market? And with the expected growth of online grocery retail, how can grocery anchored brick-and-mortar respond? Watch the video to uncover the answers to these questions and more.