Executives from CORFAC International join John Salustri at RECon 2017.

LAS VEGAS—The more things change, the more they stay the same. That maxim is being played out in real time in the retail real estate market, as viewers will see in this exclusive video interview from the show floor of RECon 2017. New-age drivers are changing the retail landscape, yes, but long-established and proven real estate dynamics respond, because therein lies opportunity.

In the video, three executives from CORFAC International (Alissa Adler of Podolsky Circle/CORFAC International; Joe Latina of Patterson-Woods Commercial Properties/CORFAC International; and Hayim Mizrachi, CCIM, of MDL Group/CORFAC International) explain how these opportunities are playing out. From gyms and health food stores to “de-malling,” creative re-use—especially projects built around customer experience—is a driving force in much of the retail landscape today. Toy stores with rock-climbing walls, you ask? Why not?