Treasury Sheds More Light on Opportunity Zone Rules
The Treasury Department clarified that leasing can meet the act of conduct requirement of a business.
Are Opportunity Zone Benefits All They Promise?
There is a frenzy around opportunity zone investments, but in many cases, a 1031 exchange might provide better tax benefits.
A New Marketplace for OZ Investors and Developers
InvestReal enables investors and developers to connect, research locations and validate projects in one place.
Net Lease Properties and Opportunity Zones: Mutually Exclusive
While net lease properties offer many benefits to investors, the very nature of these assets make them difficult, at present, to qualify for the tax deferral through the Opportunity Zone program.
Why Opportunity Zone Projects Need to Develop Best Practices
There is a frenzy around opportunity zone projects, but investors need to remember the social impact component of the legislation.


Avanath Enters the Opportunity Zone Game
The seasoned investor launches a qualified opportunity zone fund with a target raise of $300 million.

It is estimated that there will be $100 billion of Opportunity Zone capital raised by the end of 2019—a figure that could even be higher given that there is an estimated $6 trillion in unrealized capital gains in the US. The investment potential of these designated tracts, in short, is huge, and interest in the program has been equally as high.

And yet, there haven’t been that many actual investments. One reason, of course, is that the US Treasury Department has not yet released all of the regulations for the program and there are many questions that remain unanswered. Still, though, the knowledge store about the program is slowly building as guidelines are released and experts do their usual deep dive to interpret what they mean for commercial real estate. Here’s a look at some of the information has accumulated on Opportunity Zones to help make a better decision.