ONTARIO, CA-Trident Case, based in Ontario in the County of San Bernardino, has revealed plans to move more of its manufacturing to the US from China. The firm acquired a 42,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Rancho Cucamonga to facilitate the expansion.

Trident Case launched its first two series of protective cases, Kraken and Cyclops, in October 2010, and has grown exponentially month after month ever since. Today, Trident Case’s portfolio includes six different product series.

According to Lip Yow, president and founder, Trident Case, “Manufacturing in the US can be challenging. Labor, utilities, infrastructure and regulations are all more expensive here when compared to China,” Yow says. “However, there are substantial benefits to manufacturing in the U.S., including tax benefits, significant time and transportation savings, and greater quality control and speed to market.”

The Rancho Cucamonga facility is now running at 25% capacity, with a target of being at full capacity by the end of summer 2014, adding 75 new jobs by the end of the year. The growth is a result of the company’s goal of rapidly moving to onshore 50% to 75% of its manufacturing business from China to inland Southern California.

Yow added that when he manufactures in the US, it creates a domino effect of opportunities that extend far beyond Trident Case. “Our suppliers of raw materials and their suppliers, our transportation providers, the Cities of Rancho Cucamonga and Ontario, and the State of California, all benefit. For these reasons and many others, Trident Case plans to grow its Proudly Made in the USA portfolio of products, providing additional economic opportunities for Americans.”

Another major location advantage cited by Yow is that by manufacturing in the US, the company’s air freight shipping costs can be reduced by 60%. The firm contracts with UPS, located just a few miles from its facility at Ontario Airport, providing a fast turnaround for product delivery.

“Trident Case is a perfect example of how successful an innovative manufacturing company can be in the County of San Bernardino,” says Kelly Reenders, economic development administrator, County of San Bernardino. “While the company benefits from our large workforce and strategic location, our County and City representatives and associated team members have been able to provide significant assistance and resources to help Trident Case to grow and thrive—and more importantly hire more employees to further expand their market share.”