WASHINGTON, DC—The Washington, DC-based Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) marks its 75th anniversary in 2016. But this is not only about the celebration of the association’s rich history. With the milestone, comes a focus on all the changes the market has made in recent years and a re-commitment on the part of the association to the industry’s future. 

Toward that end, SIOR has embarked on an aggressive, multipronged effort to refresh and re-introduce its brand and to invest in the growth, prestige, and profitability of its members and their respective businesses.

“SIORs have always had a unique ability to anticipate, and to be at the forefront of, the critical trends that have shaped the industry,” says Allen Gump, SIOR’s global president. “We take tremendous pride in what our members have achieved, and we’re delighted with the programs we have in place moving forward.”

And they are many. SIOR has already modernized the look of its website, introduced new digital tools that offer unprecedented support for members’ online business generation, begun planning for its first global conference outside of North America (London, June 2016), announced plans for the redesign of its in-house publication and activated a systematic, organization-wide thought-leadership initiative.

And, according to association officials, that is only the tip of the iceberg. Members, sponsors, and end-users can look forward to a variety of new offerings and to an increased public presence. In addition, SIOR will provide a variety of new, high-level research partnerships targeting the evolving, real-world needs of the companies its members advise.

Emblematic of the breadth and depth of these changes, is SIOR’s new logo. The sleek design, they say, pays homage to the group’s roots while connoting the energy needed to tackle the challenges to come and the trends redefining the industry.

These innovations are built on a rich past. Today, SIOR boasts 48 chapters globally—the highest total in organizational history—and its largest membership base since 2009. In an era in which networks, connectivity and specialized knowledge have profound implications, the aggregate annual dollar value of SIOR member-to member commercial real estate transactions has more than doubled over the last five years.

“I can’t recall a more exciting time for SIOR and its members,” says executive president Richard Hollander. “We plan to mark 75 wonderful years by charting an ambitious, substantive, innovative and professional course for the next 75.”

SIOR’s strategic connection of its past, present and future could not be timelier, taking place in the context of ever-increasing technology and globalization. These forces demand that all parties along the supply chain coordinate with the industry’s most sophisticated, knowledgeable, cutting-edge commercial real estate advisors, linked together through a network that reaches every port of call in the world. More than ever, SIOR is positioning itself to strengthen that linkage.