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John Salustri has covered the commercial real estate industry for nearly 25 years. He was the founding editor of, and is a four-time recipient of the Excellence in Journalism award from the National Association of Real Estate Editors.

  • Retail’s Evolution Demands New Management Strategies

    January 07, 2019

    So says Richard Muhlebach, who has just updated (with Alan A. Alexander) the book on shopping center management and leasing for IREM. Here’s how the retail evolution will impact property managers and owners.

  • Colliers Charts the Changing Course of Retail

    December 21, 2018

    The retail news, despite what the consumer press reports, isn’t all doom and gloom, as you’ll discover in this exclusive video interview from the ICSC New York Deal Making Conference.

  • What Holiday Retail Performance Means for 2019

    December 20, 2018

    Can retailers find comfort and joy this season? For Peter Braus of Lee & Associates NYC, the current economic and political landscape may play a larger role than we would want.

  • Retail, the Treasury, Interest Rates and You

    December 19, 2018

    Faris Lee’s Rick Chichester breaks down the interplay of these market drivers and offers some guidance on strategizing for 2019 in this Exclusive ICSC video.

  • Online & Traditional Retail Learn to Get Along

    December 19, 2018

    It’s too simplistic to say web sales are killing brick-and-mortar. Savvy investors are awakening to the new day of omnichannel shopping, says Marcus & Millichap’s John Chang.

  • Cutting Through the Noise of Economic Guesswork

    December 17, 2018

    Don’t be so fast to claim doom and gloom for 2019. At least, chat with CBRE’s Spencer Levy first. We did. Read on to get a rational prognosis. (Spoiler alert: It’s good news!)

  • A Tale of Two Investment Climates

    November 08, 2018

    There’s still room to run, though for US-based investors, the upcycle might be getting a little long in the tooth. And foreign investors are loving it.

  • Manufacturing Is Alive and Well in Chicagoland

    October 30, 2018

    Recent manufacturing deals solidify the presence of two Euro-based corporations in America’s heartland. Impending trade restrictions and tariffs helped seal the deals, but it was the inherent strength of the Chicago metro industrial market that sealed the deals.

  • Washington State Comes Down Off Its Pot High

    October 11, 2018

    Well, it couldn’t last forever. The cannabis market is leveling off in Washington State, six  years after legalization. But as resistance slips inside the Beltway, the market could take another long hit.

  • Reinvention as a Tool for Success

    September 24, 2018

    The nature of work is changing, and that’s not just a tech thing. One expert on the subject believes that those managers who don’t recognize the changes taking place around them are traveling a road to irrelevance.

  • Web-Based Retail: The Asset Manager’s Perspective

    September 14, 2018

    “When a shopper gets into the car, they need to think of our shopping center first.” That’s a strategy worked best at Federal Realty by a close union of asset and property managers, says Federal’s Bryan Furze.

  • Workplace Agility: The Newest Tool for Occupiers and Investors

    September 12, 2018

    Traditional leases alone aren’t enough to serve today’s corporate occupiers, say the folks of CBRE. Agility in its approach to space serves the tenant (and their employees) best--which means it serves the landlord as well.

  • CRE’s Problem: Aging Players; Solution: Diversity

    August 31, 2018

    The need for leadership development has never been more prevalent than it is today, and companies need to embrace diversity as a business imperative. That’s the message of one timely session at IREM’s upcoming Global Summit.

  • For IREM, Connections Beget Growth

    August 23, 2018

    It’s been a year of expansion for the Institute of Real Estate Management, and Don Wilkerson has the evidence to prove it.

  • National

    Seniors Housing's Period of Adjustment

    July 31, 2018

    The good news is that the markets with the most new construction will be able to handle the resultant vacancy challenge. The bad news…well, according to Marcus & Millichap’s Adam Lewis, there isn’t any.

  • Relationships Loom Large in Flat Yield Curve Environment

    June 21, 2018

    Lenders are maintaining discipline in the current environment. But smart borrowers are still getting projects funded. VPs from PNC Real Estate share some important tips for getting deals out of the starting gate.

  • Adaptation Equals Opportunity

    June 08, 2018

    No surprise here, but the retail sector has issues. However, as Marcus & Millichap pointed out in its annual Retail Trends press conference at RECon, there are also opportunities to be found—if you know where to look and what to ask.

  • The Retail Strategy Switches

    June 04, 2018

    In this day of experiential retail, the draw of the shopping center is no longer the store itself. Consumers are coming, but not necessarily just to shop.

  • Cosenza: Adapt or Die!

    June 04, 2018

    In an exclusive video interview from RECon 2018, Inland vice chairman Joe Cosenza levels some frank advice toward retail brands that believe they can live without the internet. (Spoiler alert: They’re wrong!)

  • Retail’s Bifurcation Continues

    June 01, 2018

    The gap between core assets and non-core “has never been wider,” says RPAI’s Michael Hazinski in this exclusive RECon video interview. But what does this mean going forward, especially as the economic picture threatens to shift?

  • Competition Responds to Amazon’s Whole Foods Buy

    May 31, 2018

    The majors aren’t sitting back and letting the marriage of Amazon and Whole Foods outpace them. Technology, after all, is there for everyone’s use, says Transwestern’s Steve Williamson.

  • New Techniques for Old-School Providers

    May 30, 2018

    You can have faith in brick-and-mortar. But online tools can provide greater value for clients, as Faris Lee’s Rick Chichester points out in this exclusive RECon video interview.

  • Big Data and the Future of Retail

    May 29, 2018

    This isn’t your parents’ retail market, as InvenTrust chief Tom McGuinness makes perfectly clear in this exclusive RECon video interview. But what does this mean for providers of retail space?

  • Forward-Thinking Is Key to Asset Repositioning

    May 16, 2018

    Fresh from its 10-year strategic plan (which it accomplished in nearly half that time), retail REIT RPAI is pivoting to value-add opportunities and optimizing asset performance.

  • Navigating Watershed Moments

    May 14, 2018

    In this second article marking The Inland Real Estate Group’s 50th anniversary, vice chairman Joe Cosenza discusses the commercial real estate outlook through the lens of five decades of navigating all sorts of waters.

  • Flat Yield Curve Raises Multifamily Opportunity

    May 14, 2018

    Now might be an excellent time to take a fresh look at multifamily acquisitions. It’s just one of the potential opportunities discussed in this exclusive interview with PNC Real Estate.

  • Custom Content

    How to Succeed in Management

    May 03, 2018

    How does a property management company succeed? IREM past president Joe Greenblatt, CPM, provides answers about the modern definition of leadership—which extend far beyond the realm of property management.

  • Inland at 50: The Four Watershed CRE Moments

    May 01, 2018

    Watershed moments in commercial real estate separate the wheat from the chaff. Those that survive, thrive. That, in a nutshell, is The Inland Real Estate Group’s story.

  • Retail Broker Challenge: Go Beyond the Lease

    April 25, 2018

    In this day of dwindling foot traffic in the face of rising online sales, brokers need to go the next step to ensure their clients’ brick-and-mortar success.

  • Many Moving Parts in Industrial Shipping

    April 12, 2018

    There’s a lot of good news in the outlook for product distribution in the Southeast US. But that’s not to say the market doesn’t have its challenges.

  • NW Industrial Rediscovers Smaller Markets

    March 05, 2018

    It’s a totally cyclical movement, but the industrial market around Seattle is seeking--and finding--development gold in secondary and tertiary markets.

  • Real-Time Payments: Far More Than Fast

    February 28, 2018

    Banks in the United States are collaborating in a new way to bring financial networks into the 21st century. PNC is one of the banks on the leading edge.

  • Fundamentals Could Lift the Office Sector in 2018

    February 28, 2018

    Economic tailwinds, compelling yields and demand that is outpacing new supply all bode well for the office sector this year, according to new research from Marcus & Millichap.

  • CBRE Digitizes the Workplace Experience

    January 10, 2018

    They call it CBRE 360, a technology-enabled menu of customizable amenities and property services designed to improve the workplace experience—and enhance value for occupiers and for building investors.

  • Rightsizing: The Right Word for 2018 Retail

    December 29, 2017

    Rightsizing. That’s the word for the coming year as brick-and-mortar retailers (at least those with a forward-looking platform) react to the multiple forces impacting their business. And that’s the word from the retail executives of Colliers International in this exclusive video interview.

  • Broad Yet Subtle CRE Changes Coming Through Tax Reform

    December 27, 2017

    With tax reform legislation now signed into law, Congress’ long-promised tax overhaul appears to finally be coming to fruition. But what does that mean for commercial real estate investors? Marcus & Millichap’s John Chang explains.

  • Capturing the Brooklyn Growth Phenom

    December 21, 2017

    A combination of edgy retailers and more established purveyors defines Brooklyn today, as Jaime Schultz of Lee & Associates states in this exclusive video interview from the ICSC New York Dealmaking Conference.

  • InvenTrust Follows the New-Tech Jobs

    December 20, 2017

    It’s not enough simply to go to the growth cities to realize your own expansion. There are nuances to the job market that InvenTrust is tapping into.

  • Old School Reality Meets New Retail Challenges

    December 18, 2017

    There’s something very Old School about the winners and losers in the current retail climate. That, at any rate, is Rick Chichester’s take, as the Faris Lee executive explains in this exclusive video interview from the ICSC New York Deal Making Conference.

  • RPAI Works the Plan

    December 15, 2017

    With the REIT’s strategic plan virtually complete, RPAI now turns to maximizing its holdings, as Steve Grimes explains in this exclusive video interview from the show floor of the ICSC New York Dealmaking Conference.

  • Navigating Retail’s "Big Black Cloud"

    December 04, 2017

    "There is a big black cloud over retail and concerns of how much space might be coming online," says RPAI’s Steve Grimes. So why is he smiling?

  • Craft Brewers Get Craftier About Location

    November 29, 2017

    A certain degree of landlord hesitation, set against other barriers to entry, are forcing many in this growing niche market to rethink their strategies.

  • GSEs Incentivize Landlords to Go Green

    November 28, 2017

    Differences in the two programs aside, borrowers stand to gain, no matter if they choose Freddie or Fannie, with cutbacks on debt service and utility savings and gains for the environment.

  • Welcome to Brick-and-Mortar Retail 2.0

    November 21, 2017

    Retail has gone from big-box real estate, offering everything for everyone, to smaller footprints targeting customers through data-driven marketing. Thanks, Amazon!

  • Multifamily and Coming Tax Reform

    September 20, 2017

    There’s much going on inside the Beltway that will impact the commercial real estate industry, no sector more than multifamily. One RED Capital insider lays out the prospects in this exclusive Q&A.

  • Creativity Key to Affordable Housing Funds

    September 18, 2017

    The affordable housing sector is in financial crisis.  And this year, it seems the crisis is becoming more chaotic. In the midst of chaos, creativity in the approach of funding is what you need.

  • Fed Normalization and What It Means to You

    September 13, 2017

    The days of quantitative easing are over, and the Federal Reserve is now looking to trim its balance sheet. Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation’s William Hughes explains how this will impact commercial real estate.

  • Retail Changes Continue to Transform Industrial

    July 24, 2017

    New shopping patterns translate directly to the need for more warehousing . . . a trend good for the industrial market, as Marcus & Millichap’s National Industrial Overview states.

  • Attacking the Affordability Crisis

    July 17, 2017

    Multifamily is the perennial darling of the CRE industry. But a deeper dive shows a major gap in specific markets between supply and demand. NorthMarq Capital’s Melissa Marcolini Quinn offers a mortgage banking perspective.

  • Are Apartments Poised for Slowdown? Metrics Say Otherwise

    June 15, 2017

    CALABASAS, CA—A slight weakness in absorption and a bit too much construction made for a softer first quarter.  But it’s only a snapshot of an otherwise continually strong multifamily market, says John Sebree of Marcus & Millichap.

  • Staten Island: The Next Brooklyn?

    June 09, 2017

    LAS VEGAS—If you think of this New York City borough as little more than landfills and a route to Jersey, well, think again. Douglas Elliman’s Faith Consolo tells that there’s change coming.

  • Navigating the Benefits of Net Lease

    June 08, 2017

    CHICAGO—Transwestern’s Marc Imrem, fresh from RECon, talks us through the paths to follow—and those to avoid—in the net lease market.

  • More Tailwinds Than Headwinds

    June 08, 2017

    LAS VEGAS—If the broader real estate industry, beyond retail, is facing issues, they revolve more around inventory than they do anything happening in the economy or in Washington, DC. So says CCIM 2017 president Robin Webb, CCIM, in this exclusive video interview from RECon 2017.

  • Do We Still Think E-Commerce Is a Threat?

    June 07, 2017

    LAS VEGAS—Pure-play e-commerce, for all the buzz, is still less than 10% of the total retail market. But really, we all know where it’s going. So how can brick-and-mortar and web-sales play nicely? Listen to the senior executives of Westwood Financial, from this exclusive video interview from RECon 2017.

  • Welcome to the New Retail Reality

    June 06, 2017

    LAS VEGAS—Are you curating your retail environment? Shane Garrison says it’s key to RPAI’s performance. This exclusive RECon 2017 video interview provides some definitions.


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