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It is the mission of GlobeSt.com to provide trusted, timely real estate news, data, analysis and insights delivered in an engaging and personalized way that our targeted professionals turn to regularly and repeatedly.

GlobeSt.com is widely-recognized across the nation as the premier online destination for original and timely commercial real estate content. We remain steadfastly committed to providing our subscribers with access to unrivaled market intelligence and unmatched business building connections.The depth and breadth of our local and regional reporting, the mainstay of our business model, has been extended to include dedicated pages coveringindividual sectors, as well as focused looks at important advances in financing and construction.

By consistently delivering more sources of relevant data and analysis, more insightful thought leadership positions, more innovative ways to access information, more efficient methods of reaching potential business partners...we have provided our growing audience with a valuable competitive edge.

About ALM's Real Estate Media Group

What is it about our approach that sets us apart from the competition and year in and year out attracts a growing audience of executive-level decision makers? With more than 210,000 professionals across all markets, sectors, and business disciplines turning to the three outstanding brands (Real Estate Forum, GlobeSt.com and RealShare Conference Series) that compromise the ALM Real Estate Media Group as proof, the simple answer is we do more to earn your business. In fact, by virtue of our unique Print/Online/Events integrated business model, we do 3X MORE.

In 2013, ALM's Real Estate Media Group will furnish more substance than ever before (more content, more experts, more interviews), provide more access (more targeted news alerts, more one-on-one opportunities), and supply your company with more options to influence your potential customers (more co-branded emails, more user-generated custom content).

Our success in the overly saturated and competitive world of commercial real estate is not by chance — we have carved out a leadership position that we have no intention of relinquishing. By providing more and delivering more, we attract more, and achieve more. For more information, visit almrealestatemediagroup.com.

About ALM
ALM, an integrated media company, is a leading provider of specialized business news and information, focused primarily on the legal and commercial real estate sectors. ALM serves its customers through the quality of our content, ongoing product innovation, dedication to customer service and a commitment to providing unique insight and analysis across these industries.

ALM's award-winning publications, events, and online properties anticipate and address the needs of our elite audience, delivering information and tools that allow our customers to succeed in today's rapidly-changing and demanding business environment.

In print, online and in person-ALM offers the highest quality information and resources to today's industry leaders.

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