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Auctions are becoming a more common aspect of commercial real estate, and one of the leaders in this space is, which has monthly events selling all product types across the country. This page is has the latest on's news, events and auctions in general in the commercial real estate industry.
  • CRE Deal Volume, Pricing Shift Upward

    IRVINE, CA— reports the total combined commercial volume in the office, retail, apartment, industrial and hotel sectors reached $81.6 billion in the second quarter, up nearly 14% from a year ago.

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  • Job Growth Brings Office Trade Uptick

    IRVINE, CA—In this UPDATE ,’s Rick Sharga tells the main reason his firm facilitated the closing of so many office deals in June is because full-time white-collar office jobs are on the rise.

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  • Launches Online Community

    IRVINE, CA—The online real estate marketplace designs a community to provide novice and experienced real estate buyers and sellers with a place to learn more about the firm and the real estate auction process in general.

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  • Technology, Recession Have Helped Some Sectors

    IRVINE, CA—What has hurt the housing, office and retail arenas has helped the industrial and apartment sectors, which will continue to thrive,’s Peter Muoio tells in this UPDATE .

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  • Closes $121M in Sales During June

    IRVINE, CA—The online real estate marketplace facilitates the closing of 42 commercial assets during the month, the majority of which involved office properties, which had faced a steep decline during the recession.

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  • Housing Recovery Bodes Well for Retail Sector

    IRVINE, CA—The residential sector’s continued recovery positively impacts the retail sector in the ‘new normal,’’s Peter Muoio tells

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  • How Tech is Hurting and Helping Office

    IRVINE, CA—Technology is enabling office footprints to shrink, and yet tech companies are among the country’s strongest occupiers,’s Peter Muoio tells Carrie Rossenfeld.

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  • How to Spot the Best Real Estate Deals

    IRVINE, CA—In yesterday’s webinar,’s Rick Sharga and Robert Friedman reveal for the novice—and not-so-novice—investor their tried-and-true methods for smart real estate investment.

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  • Selling Historic Detroit Club

    DETROIT—The downtown has filled up as companies have renovated dozens of office buildings, and says a buyer could also convert the 37K club into an office building.

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  • Why Millennials Seem to Love Suburbia

    ORANGE COUNTY, CA—Respondents to’s poll on why Millennials at a certain stage appear to be more attracted to the suburbs than the cities say the suburbs offer better schools, services and property.

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