NEW YORK CITY-Studley‘s Woody Heller is this year’s winner of the Louis Smadbeck Broker Recognition Award Winner, at the Real Estate Board of New York‘s annual banquet tonight. Heller, the executive managing director and group head of the capital transactions group for the firm, tells us the importance of REBNY. How important is this award and REBNY in general?

Woody Heller: It’s always lovely to get an award. But it’s meaningful to win an award from an organization that is as important and well-respected as REBNY is. How have they helped you in your career?

Heller: I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to have an active role at REBNY. It serves many purposes. The information opportunities is great. The governors’ breakfasts are great with what is happening in the industry. They make it as friendly to the industry as possible. I have had the opportunity to make friends with friends and colleagues, share information, and stay abreast of what is happening. It’s very valuable. There is no better way to get 100 phone calls returned than at a REBNY lunch. It’s a terrific organization that is respected by the city, and deservedly so. What will people be talking about tonight?

Heller:It will be the usual, gleeful pandemonium. Sandy will be a subject for a long time. It created an awareness that no on ever thought was a possibility. There are changes in policy and the way we build buildings that we just haven’t thought about before. The impact of that will be long lasting and definite. Independent of that, we need to think of how we are building by the water.