TACOMA, WA—State Farm Insurance is considering changes to its operations in the Tacoma area, including looking at the downtown 12-story building that has been mostly vacant since 2010.

State Farm, Pierce County’s seventh-largest employer, put out a space request for up to 600,000 square feet of Class A office space that could hold up to 2,400 employees, says the News Tribune in Tacoma.  State Farm’s current Dupont operation, with 1,000 employees, wouldn’t be affected by the expansion, the report added. A company spokesman said last week that State Farm recently toured the former headquarters of Russell Investments, Tacoma’s premier office building that has been empty since 2010.

Brad Hilliard, a State Farm spokesman, said the tour was part of the company’s ongoing evaluation of facilities. He would not confirm for the paper that there were any other tours in the region. It also doesn’t appear that the company plans to close its DuPont offices. Hilliard said he was “unaware of any discussions to dramatically change the use of our DuPont facility.”

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