NEW YORK CITY-Who else is surprised that today is February 1? January flew past and – hopefully – most of the worst winter weather has gone with it.

But dreary days of winter aside, this week has seen the usual Twitter activity – lots of posting, retweets and sharing of some interesting articles. We didn’t have any major Twitter-worthy events going on this week, so instead, I made the move to examine the use of hashtags.

What’s a hashtag? Basically, it’s a way of marking tweets with a phrase, a word or a specially generated term to identify an event. They start with the “#” sign, and are selected to help users search for specific tweets that fall into a category of their choice.

So this week, I selected the most popular for the commercial real estate industry which is simply an abbreviation: CRE.

Take a look how some companies are using it below (links in the tweets have been removed):

TRANSWESTERN ‏@TRANSWESTERN: #Industrial #CRE to steepen in 2014: up to 150 MSF absorption this year, hitting up to 175 MSF next year 

United Realty ‏@United_RealtyResidential Poised to Push #CRE Rates Higher

Aries Capital, LLC ‏@AriesCapitalOur most recent deal, announced at #ALISConference via @GlobeStcom

ReisReports ‏@ReisReportsSandy Ravaged Four New York Plaza Reopens #CRE via @Globestcom

Got an event coming up? What hashtag did you pick and why? We’ll take a look – tell us what you’re using in the comments section below, or email