Villa Edgemont contains 45 units at Hollywood Blvd. and Vermont.

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LOS ANGELES-Demonstrating the volatility of the Los Angeles multifamily market, Vanguard Investments has listed for sale a portfolio of 14 apartment communities in the Hollywod/Koreatown area here. The portfolio contains 294 units and is valued at $44.5 million.

Among the communities contained in the portfolio are:

  • Villa Edgemont, 45 units at 1570 N. Edgemont St. in Los Feliz
  • Fedora Woods, 39 units at 861 Fedora St. in Wilshire Center
  • Occidental Apartments, 34 units at 320 S. Occidental Blvd. in Westlake
  • Normandie Apartments, 37 units at 101 N. Normandie Ave. in Wilshire Center
  • Curson Apartments, 20 units at 1439 N. Curson Ave. in West Hollywood
  • Manhattan Place, 19 units at 722 S. Manhattan Place in Wilshire Center
  • Elden Apartments, 18 units at 1102 Elden Ave. in Koreatown
  • Berendo Apartments, 16 units at 1217 N. Berendo St. in East Hollywood
  • Berendo Apartments, 14 units at 1234 N. Berendo St. in East Hollywood
  • Bronson Apartments, 16 units at 1317 N. Bronson Ave. in Hollywood
  • Lexington Apartments, 13 units at 5322 Lexington Ave. in East Hollywood
  • Carondelet Apartments, 10 units at 227 S. Carondelet St. in Westlake
  • Barton Apartments, 8 units at 6040 Barton Ave. in Hollywood
  • S. Normandie Apartments, 5 units at 1121 S. Normandie Ave. in Koreatown

According to Arthur Arejian, president of Vanguard Investments, the portfolio offers a “unique blend of properties, all very well maintained and performing extremely well with respect to the history of occupancy and collections portfolio-wide at around 98% to 99% occupancy and collections.”

With regard to management, most of the properties and many of the units have been renovated, Arejian says, and the landlord is an “efficient operator” who offers a “high-quality unit, customer service second to none and an excellent resident experience.”

Arejian adds that the Hollywood/Los Feliz/Koreatown submarkets are known to be one of the tightest rental submarkets in the county with respect to rental growth, occupancy and overall collections. “All economic indicators lead to a robust future for this portfolio, with rent growth and the inherent in-place cash flow that it offers to an investor.” There are existing assumable loans on two of the properties.

As previously reported, in May 2011 Arejian represented a private seller in a 1031 Exchange to a private investor from the San Francisco area for the 41-unit Hawthorne Apartments at 435 Hawthorne St. in Glendale for $9.5 million at a 5.2% cap rate. The property, which was 100% occupied and was built in 1986, had enjoyed a history of high occupancy.

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