HOBOKEN, NJ-New Jersey Transit and LCOR Inc., the developers of the proposed Hudson Place mixed-use project here, have floated a number of ideas to protect the 2.9-million-square-foot development from future storms.

The city of Hoboken, which suffered significant damage from Hurricane Sandy, heard some storm protection ideas late last week from NJ Transit and LCOR in relation to the Hudson Place proposal, according to NJBiz.

“We looked at all of the infrastructure planning that we had done previously for the project, and took a thoughtful step back,” says Brent Jenkins, development director for LCOR. He says that planners are considering “how a weather-related event would affect our development, and then how the development itself … would affect Hoboken.”

He said the firm and NJ Transit have discussed possibly building a physical barrier along the length of the project, which would stretch west to east along the southern edge of Hoboken, parallel to Observer Highway. Other concepts being considered include building storm water collection features that divert the storm water to the Hudson River, rather than the city sewer system, along with placing key building infrastructure out of flood-prone areas. See story in NJBiz.