The litmus test for their own success? The ability to be able to tie an integrated marketing strategy back to revenue improvement, says Lauter.

LOS ANGELES—Brooke Lauter and Nadene Gallagher, two Southern California marketing professionals known for creating successful branding and marketing solutions for corporate and entrepreneurial clients, have joined forces to form Lauter + Gallagher LLC with the intent of changing the model for marketing and PR services.

Departing from the traditional focus on image building and deal promotion, Lauter + Gallagher apply a holistic approach of integrated strategies that links company leadership communication, external client development, portfolio optimization and employee engagement to grow revenue and market share.

“We do a comprehensive SWOT analysis and then develop a strategy that touches every aspect of the company. It’s not about press releases, the occasional panel or a single asset re-position.  Individually, these and other typical marketing activities may provide momentary lift, but they do little for the bottom line in the long term,” states Lauter. “An effective strategy needs to have structure, consistency and a series of integrated components that leverage each other.”

Both Lauter and Gallagher are committed to creating time-specific engagements by training internal teams and building a firm’s own bench strength to perform in the long term. “We design the strategy and execution, but we also train and strengthen a company’s internal resources as needed,” states Gallagher.

Their point of view reflects their experience on both sides of the aisle—as corporate clients and as successful entrepreneurs. Lauter was the SVP of Marketing and Communications for Arden and GE Capital for over 13 years after heading her own her own consulting company. Prior to that, she started her career as marketing director for Kennedy-Wilson overseeing campaigns in the US and overseas. Gallagher has been providing public relations consulting services specializing in commercial real estate for more than 20 years and has held management positions at major development and investment firms.

Together, they agree there are tremendous opportunities in this economy for both established firms and developing companies on the move to drive and track growth in new ways.  They are also seeing increasing interest from companies preparing for an IPO who want help building value and entrepreneurial firms that are newly public and need a marketing and communications infrastructure to take them to the next level.

The litmus test for their own success, they say, is their ability to be able to tie an integrated marketing strategy back to revenue improvement. As former corporate executives, Lauter and Gallagher know the importance of providing the analytics and revenue-related methodology to every aspect of their program. “Creating a strong brand is not about logos and tag lines,” states Lauter. It’s about aligning every aspect of the business to building revenue with consistency and clarity, and there has never been a better time to do that than now.”