NEW YORK CITY—Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed Wednesday to Crain’s New York Business that he is considering a proposal to bring the 2024 summer Olympics to New York City.

Dan Doctoroff, chief executive of Bloomberg LP and former deputy mayor in the Bloomberg administration, brought the proposal to the governor in an effort to fulfill his dream of bringing the summer games to the city. Doctoroff led the fight to bring the 2012 Olympics to New York, but he encountered stiff opposition and London won the bid.

“I’m looking forward to talking to [Dan Doctoroff] about it,” said the governor during the New York State Tourism Summit at the American Museum of Natural History.

There also have been “preliminary staff level meetings,” the Governor added, between his representatives and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s over the Olympic proposal. The de Blasio administration is also discussing the idea but appears less than enthusiastic at this early stage, according to Crain’s.

“I think we can safely say that the history of the Olympics, in a variety of cities around the world, has been a mixed bag,” said de Blasio Wednesday morning, in what appeared to be a reference to the massive increase in public debt that staging the Games typically entails. “So that’s something we’d look at very carefully. There may be a scenario where it makes sense, but I would say the bar is high. We’ll certainly work closely with the governor’s office to determine if this is a situation we think would work for New York.”

According to the report, the plan focuses on 167 acres of rail yard in Queens, where a convention center would be built and thousands of housing units. But the mayor may not be too keen on the idea because of the investment involved to fund it.

A spokesman for the mayor is quoted saying “an Olympic bid is not something the administration is considering” despite Cuomo’s remarks that there have been discussions about it. Representatives of NYC & Company, the city’s tourism arm—who were part of the summit—told Crain’s they were unaware of the plan or any discussions about the effort.