DALLAS–Marlin Wilson has started a new company – Intrinsic Hospitality. The firm will serve the hotel and hospital industries throughout the United States, a void that currently exists in the industry according to Wilson.

“Hospitality is in a growth mode in the US for the foreseeable future,” Wilson tells GlobeSt.com. “Within the next few months, the US market will retake its lead in room build-out worldwide for the first time since 2008-2009.  This is not due to other world areas seeing downturns, but rather an acceleration past steady growth elsewhere worldwide.”

With an expected increase in new construction throughout the country, Wilson sees an opportunity – one he will fill through execution.

“In real estate its location, location, location… we see Hospitality furniture, fixtures and equipment as execution, execution, execution…and that’s what we will hang our hat on. Execution,” Wilson says. “Going that extra mile for both our customers and vendors, focusing on what’s the right thing to do as opposed to what we have a right to do based upon terms and conditions in a contract. Our mission is to be easy to do business with!”

The company’s first deal has already been signed with Hyphen Construction Group in order to provide procurement services for 10 to 12 projects the company is construction, including as least one full-service boutique hotel.

While Intrinsic will be based out of North Texas, the company will utilize several locations throughout the country in order to supply construction companies, hotels and hospitals.

Prior to starting Intrinsic, Wilson was an executive at Emerson. For 12 years he managed the production, marketing and logistics of an international product line.