NEWPORT BEACH, CA—Sabal Financial Group has expanded into commercial real estate term lending. Using its own technology, the firm has created new project and division to serve applicants for small to mid-sized loans.

“Historically, many loan applicants have faced extended periods of uncertainty throughout a lengthy financing process,” explains Len Israel, director of CRE term lending. “Our new platform is focused on providing superior service and our technology accelerates the process.”

The new program, called SNAP, provides a web-based, security-controlled interface where brokers and their borrowers can efficiently go through the loan process with access to real-time interest rates, loan tracking tools and closing checklists. Designed with the unique needs of brokers in mind, SNAP can be accessed through the Sabal Financial website or a direct link portal. Once registered, SNAP greatly increases transparency for brokers working to get their loans approved by providing status updates and access to crucial loan process information.

Sabal Financial’s CRE Term Lending division will leverage the company’s experience with its existing lending platforms and skilled team of commercial real estate investor professionals. The group offers term loans from $1 million to $10 million for a wide range of commercial property types through an exclusive broker-driven network.

“From day one, innovation has been a key to Sabal’s success, bringing expertise and efficiency to the real estate and financial marketplace,” asserts Pat Jackson, CEO and founder of Sabal Financial. “Sabal continually finds ways to reinvent traditional processes through the use of technology and the launch of our CRE term lending division and development of SNAP are important steps in accomplishing this mission. We believe SNAP will be embraced by brokers seeking an improved way to transact commercial real estate loans.”

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