The Port of Long Beach has some of the greenest practices in the world.

LONG BEACH, CA—The Port of Long Beach has implemented of series of green practices that have earned it the title of “Best Green Seaport.” The green practices help to improve air and water quality with clean trucks, green vessel speed reduction and technology advancement.

Thousands of professionals in the freight transportation industry voted to bestow the title on the port at the Asian Freight & Supply Chain Awards in Shanghai, China. “This is an honor to be named the AFSCA’s Best Green Seaport. The Port of Long Beach has made great strides in reducing air pollution and improving water quality, and we are committed to doing even more,” says Doug Drummond, president of Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners. Drummond was unavailable for further comment.

The port has had a green port policy for the past decade, a policy designed to reduce the environmental impacts on the surrounding community and wildlife. The green initiatives implemented by the port range from complying with freight transport regulations and strategic planning requirements to reducing fuel emissions in freight handling operations and training staff in green initiatives and policies. Overall, these measures have helped the port to reduce its carbon footprint.

While the Port of Long Beach is busy implementing green practices, the neighboring Port of Los Angeles is working to develop infrastructure in the San Pedro area. On Friday the port opened the L.A. Downtown Harbor, which allows residents to drive their maritime vessels up to the harbor and dock to go to restaurants and shops. The development is part of the larger L.A. Waterfront developments to bring commercial real estate opportunities to underutilized land at the port.