Dallas-based RRD began as an FCRA-compliant database for owners and property managers.

DALLAS—Web-based RRD, geared toward providing a one-stop shop for commercial real estate owners and property managers, has seen monthly growth averaging 25.33% since January. With a baker’s dozen of services in its platform already, next on the horizon will be a rental and sales multiple listing service, due to launch within the next month.

The RRD originally launched as Rent Rite Directory, an incident-reporting database for property owners and managers to keep track of skips, evictions and other kinds of tenant activity. “We originally built the site to fill a need,” says cofounder George Pino, who founded it with Joe Killinger. “No company had a Fair Credit Reporting Act-compliant searchable database that was keeping track of individuals that had skipped out on their lease, or had damaged their rental units. We worked with local attorneys and a few judges around the country to create this free, FCRA-compliant database. ”

The RRD’s services evolved rapidly to encompass a wider range of needs. It now runs to tenant and employment screening; an incident reporting database for communities; collection services; a neighborhood email alert system; a vendor search engine; a directory of energy providers; directories of providers of property insurance, liability insurance ands renters insurance; a real estate job board; and a management company referral program. It also provides the ability to integrate with most property management software.

As the RRD has evolved, it has cast a wider net in terms of users. The market segments it now attracts range from agents and lenders to national REITs.