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Dr. Sam Chandan

Dr. Sam Chandan

President and Chief Economist, Chandan Economics

An irreverent take on the macroeconomic environment. Dr Sam Chandan is President and Chief Economist of Chandan Economics and an adjunct professor in real estate and public policy at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

  • Do Weak Expansions Last Longer?

    Do weak recoveries last longer? Measured in the most general terms, there is a correlation. But contain your excitement; growth that falls short of the economy's potential is hardly cause for celebration.

  • Odds of a September Rate Increase are Roughly Even

    Futures markets put the chances of a one-step rate hike next month at 45 percent. If the FOMC does forgo the opportunity to raise its target rate in September, slack in the labor market will be amongst the key reasons.

  • Goldilocks Jobs Report

    April's jobs report fell squarely in the goldilocks zone. Employment gains strengthened, but not enough in the minds of investors to bring forward the timing of a rate hike.

  • Declining Labor Participation Remains a Key Qualifier

    The March employment report surprised to the downside. The US economy added 126,000 jobs during the month, the smallest net increase in two years. Beyond the headline, the persistent decline in labor participation remains one of the major qualifiers of the jobs recovery.

  • Threat of Deflation

    The sharp decline in oil explains a great deal about the direction of prices, but it is not the whole story. Narrower measures of core inflation point to underlying weakness in demand that will constrain monetary policy (and real estate) should it persist.

  • Waiting for Wage Growth

    The December jobs report capped a banner year for the US labor market. Still, the momentum remains uneven absent a meaningful acceleration in earnings growth.