The aerial image includes
the IBM campus inside
Prologis Park Los Altos in
Guadalajara, Mexico.

SAN FRANCISCO-Prologis has renewed a 1,148,000 square foot lease in Guadalajara, Mexico, according to the company. It has signed with IMB de Medico in an area known as the country’s answer to Silicon Valley – Guadalajara Technology Park. Prologis will be there through 2020 – when the lease expires.

Back in 2007, Prologis acquired the site and the renewal marks its largest single lease to date in Latin America, the company says. There are multiple industrial properties on the site that are dedicated to server and data storage equipment manufacturing, software development, shared servers and technology centers.

In a statement from Prologis, Luis Gutierrez, president of Prologis Lain America commented, “That location and our adjacent Prologis Park Los Altos provide companies with prime locations to participate in the high-tech revolution underway in Mexico’s Silicon Valley.”