SAN FRANCISCO—It has hosted two World Series, including one that was interrupted by an earthquake, but Candlestick Park won’t likely see more than another year. The latest plans call for demolition at the end of next year’s NFL season, to make way for a retail development, says the San Francisco Chronicle. The San Francisco Giants have been in a new major league baseball stadium for twelve seasons, and after next season the 49ers should be moving to new accommodations in Santa Clara.  

Plans are to blow up the 69,000-seat stadium with a 30-second implosion, possibly within weeks of the 49ers’ final touchdown next season.

San Francisco’s Recreation and Park Department, which owns Candlestick, had feared it would be stuck spending millions to mothball the 53-year-old structure until Lennar Corp. was ready to build something on the land.

Plans for a side-by-side stadium and mall at Candlestick were extinguished after the Niners announced in 2006 that they were building the $1 billion stadium in Santa Clara, home of California’s Six Flags amusement park. 

Plans are now in the works for an 800,000-square-foot shopping district similar to the one in downtown Walnut Creek. There is also and option for a 3,000- to 4,000-seat arena that could accommodate small concerts, house the San Francisco Bulls ice hockey team and maybe even host pro women’s basketball.

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