HOUSTON–GlobeSt.com talked with Transwestern executive managing director Steve Pumper to get his perspective on the Houston market. Pumper will moderate the Institutional Capital Markets panel at our upcoming RealShare Houston conference on May 1 at the Houstonian Hotel.

GlobeSt.com: Can you give an overview of where you see Houston’s institutional capital market today?

Pumper: It’s still quite vibrant given the underlying strength of the local economy, which continues to benefit from the strong energy sector, growth in the port and a very active medical industry.

GlobeSt.com: What do you think it is about Houston that makes it so attractive to investors?

Pumper: Houston is very pro-business. Right now, many of the industries that make up Houston’s underlying foundation are in a significant growth mode with very bright long-term outlooks. The ongoing job growth within these industries is creating a ripple effect throughout Houston and causing other industries to expand.

GlobeSt.com: What are the key property types that investors are pursuing in Houston these days?

Pumper: Every significant property type is being pursued in the Houston area. There is a robust appetite for multifamily, as well as interest in office, as investors see upside in job growth for the foreseeable future. In addition, that job growth has in turn benefitted both the multifamily and retail sectors. Finally, the growth in the port has spurred strong interest in industrial acquisition and development for regional distribution.

GlobeSt.com: Do you think we will continue to see a lot of interest from investors in the years ahead?

Pumper: As the city continues to mature and its submarkets continue to fill out, driven by strong business growth, I believe that the investor appetite will remain strong and active in Houston, with compelling underlying demographics.

GlobeSt.com: What can we expect from the Institutional Capital Markets panel at RealShare Houston?

Pumper: The panel will be a very active discussion, focusing on acquisition and development on the equity side of the equation, given the very competitive market in the greater Houston area.