NEWPORT BEACH, CA—The Green Street Commercial Property Price Index increased by 1% in April. For the past year, property prices have been moving higher at a moderate pace.

Prices are now, on average, 7% above the then-peak levels seen in’07.

“Property pricing continues to be firm. Cap rates have held steady, and in some instances, they’ve even moved down a little” said Peter Rothemund, an analyst at Green Street Advisors. “It’s likely that continues. Real estate pricing currently looks attractive relative to pricing in the corporate bond market.”

Green Street’sindex is a time series of unleveraged U.S. commercial property values that captures the prices at which commercial real estate transactions are currently being negotiated and contracted. Features that differentiate this index are its timeliness, its emphasis on high-quality properties, and its ability to capture changes in the aggregate value of the commercial property sector.

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